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January 25, 2023

Welcome to Chkk

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Awais Nemat
Fawad Khaliq
Ali Khayam
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Welcome everyone.

We’re excited to share our new startup, Chkk, with you. It’s been a year since we left AWS and started working on Chkk. And now, we’re ready to take the next step.

We’ve been partnering with early users to build a solution to eliminate repeated operational pain and incidents for DevOps, SREs and Platform Engineers. And we now have something that is ready for feedback beyond our existing users.

Starting today, we’re opening signups for early access to Chkk. We understand that Chkk may not be for everyone at this stage. A good fit isn’t based on sizeof{team | infrastructure | wallet} — it’s whether you think you and your team spend too much time on repeated operational toil and firefighting. If this sounds like you then sign up, and we’ll be in touch.

We are offering a free trial to give you a frictionless experience with Chkk. Our goal is to get quality feedback, so we will work closely with you and offer lots of hands-on engineering support. That’s why we’re limiting signups — to spend quality time with you and make sure everything works seamlessly.

We’re excited to share our journey as we build Chkk. Our blog will be the place where we will share our learnings and explain how to assure availability, reduce operational risk, avoid incidents, not repeat mistakes, and more. We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and sign up here to stay informed.

Awais, Ali, Fawad

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