Upgrade EKS — or pay 500% more

AWS EKS Extended Support deadlines are here. Plan now!

Diagram explaining the technology behind Chkk.

You can avoid the extra costs by upgrading

Extended Support fees start April 2024

  • 5 disruptive EKS upgrades in 2024


Mission-critical apps risk disruption. Kubernetes upgrades are error-prone.

  • No easy way to jump to the supported version
  • Unknown dependencies: 10s of APIs removed
  • No CVEs and bug fixes after extended support

Chkk derisks and speeds up upgrades

Saves time, effort, and money

No Application disruption.
Cuts months of wasted work.

  • Identify what breaks, before it breaks
  • 1000s of hours saved in post-incident break-fix work
  • Avoid the costs of delayed upgrades
  • Upgrade safely with confidence

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