Upgrade AWS EKS — or pay 500% more

Chkk helps you upgrade safely and quickly, saving you time and money

EKS Extended Support Pricing Calculator
Diagram explaining the technology behind Chkk.

You can avoid the extra costs by upgrading

Extended Support fees start April 2024

  • 5 disruptive EKS upgrades in 2024

EKS Extended Support Pricing Calculator

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Additional Cost
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Upgrades Required


Chkk helps you avoid these costs

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Mission-critical apps risk disruption. Kubernetes upgrades are error-prone.

  • No easy way to jump to the supported version
  • Unknown dependencies: 10s of APIs removed
  • No CVEs and bug fixes after extended support

Chkk derisks and speeds up upgrades

Saves time, effort, and money

No Application disruption.
Cuts months of wasted work.

  • Identify what breaks, before it breaks
  • 1000s of hours saved in post-incident break-fix work
  • Avoid the costs of delayed upgrades
  • Upgrade safely with confidence

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